Monday, July 4, 2016

This Adventure Ends

This Adventure Ends
written by Emma Mills
expected publication date October 4, 2016
Henry Holt and Company

Sloane Finch's parents move the family from New York to a Florida beach town where the tourists outnumber the residents. Sloane's father is a semi-famous author who is going through writer's block/depression/mid-life crisis and the move to the beach is supposed to help him sort things out. The first thing that you learn about Sloane is that the move hasn't left her homesick and pining for her old school and friends. In fact she doesn't seem to have any friends in New York.

When Sloane is dragged by a classmate to a party, she meets the Fuller twins, Gabe and Vera and quickly becomes a part of their tight-knit group. As Sloane navigates her way around her new relationships, she learns what it means to be a friend. 

There is so much packed into this story: an epic quest, fanfic, family dynamics, and friendship that I'm not sure that I can explain it here. Mark the publication date on your calendar and read it for yourself.

I received an ebook ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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