Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Here I Go

The view from my front porch

Last month I graduated from library school. Here's a brief recap of how I spent the last few weeks: sorted through piles of stuff on my desk (found my missing passport), cleaned the rest of the house (found a warren of dust bunnies under my bed), and updated my resume (found that I'm not very impressive on paper).

Now I'm ready to catch up on my reading. This blog will serve as my reading journal. I find that if I write a review or an annotation I tend to retain more than if I just read a book and then move on to the next one.

Why is my blog called Reading YA by the River? Well, there are a lot of YA novels I need to read for work. I work in the teen department of a medium-sized public library, not as a librarian (yet) but as a paraprofessional who spends a good portion of work hours doing readers' advisory for teens and tweens. I enjoy this part of my job because I LIKE reading YA novels. Sorry Ruth Graham, no matter what you say I don't feel embarassed to admit it.

Why reading by the river? The front of my house faces the Ohio River. When I sit on my front porch, I can look out and see Kentucky on the other side of the river.

Mysteries are my novels of choice. I also like some literary fiction and the ocassional chick lit novel. I enjoy reading and collecting cookbooks. I have a pretty impressive collection of cookbooks and sometimes I even try out some of the recipes. Other nonfiction that I read include travelogues and gardening books.

I also read books that were chosen for my neighborhood book club. I used to belong to the "Adults Who Read YA Books" book club at the library, but it disbanded last year. Ruth Graham, does this make you happy?

Well enough writing. I need to start reading. Here I go....

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